We’re excited to build and nurture our partnerships with Wisdom leaders and hubs in our global network. Read the reflection below outlining some of our plans for International Wisdom offerings and initiatives.

More to come as we continue to explore these opportunities ….

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International Wisdom Conversation Partnerships

By Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, WWP Council Chair, December 2021

I wish this Wisdom Practice Day was being offered in Spanish, as my mother is mono-lingual Spanish, but would love this teaching!” was the private zoom text I, Marcella, received during our August 28, 2021 Wisdom Practice Day. That text triggered a whole series of responses interiorly and exteriorly. This message came at a time when I was receiving multiple expressions of interest in Wisdom offerings from our international Wisdom partners around the globe. Having been born in East Africa myself, I have a particular soft spot and passion for ‘all things international’, so this text landed on ready ears and a receptive heart.

I passed this text message on to our Wisdom Waypoints Board, wondering if it might be time for us to explore more fully these international Wisdom interests. Things took on momentum from there. Cynthia reached out to Bill Espinosa, who grew up in Colombia, and put Bill and I in contact with each other. Bill and I quickly realized that we work well as a tag team, having regular phone meetings to clarify our next steps and our vision. Together we reached out to Spanish speakers in our Wisdom community whom we already knew: the woman who initiated the Wisdom Practice Day text (originally from Colombia), a woman from Chile who was already participating in our Wisdom book practice circles, another woman from Colombia whom Bill had met at a Cynthia-led Wisdom School in Tucson, along with some seasoned bilingual Wisdom community members, Carmen Horst, Heather Vesey and Jonathan Steele. A few of this group as well as an addition from Uruguay met at the December Garrison Wisdom School where the rule of silence was defied long enough to launch a clear path forward for Spanish Wisdom.

Keep your eyes out for new Spanish Wisdom offerings in the New Year: Wisdom meditation sits in Spanish (on Zoom, Sunday nights in January, beginning January 2); a Wisdom Book Practice Circle in Spanish (Maria Magdalena,Cynthia’s Mary Magdalene book which has already been translated into Spanish); blogs translated into Spanish; hopes on the horizon for an Evangelio de Tomas Lectio Divina …and eventually a full Spanish Wisdom school.

Out of the Garrison meeting and a flurry of collaborative emails that followed, a title emerged for the Spanish Wisdom work: “Un Camino Sabio”As Bill Espinosa notes, “Camino” means road, path, way and similar things and reminds us of the renown, Spanish pilgrimage route El Camino. “Sabio” means wise”. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Bill by clicking here.

Other International Wisdom conversations are also underway, with conversation partnerships occurring with New Zealand, South Africa, England, Australia, along with Hong Kong. A recent celebration of these international Wisdom partnerships occurred with our December 21/22 Wisdom Solstice led soulfully by two women who were across the globe in Australia and Canada. Recent blog posts of Cynthia’s Wisdom schools in both the UK and Denmark also express these ongoing conversations. One beautiful arising that came in a recent Wisdom International Zoom conversation is the clear recognition:

“We are leaning in and listening to what is already unfolding …what is already here.”

Stay tuned Wisdom Community for more updates and International Wisdom arisings in the New Year!

Wisdom in Spanish

Our thanks so our Spanish-speaking community members for providing various content pieces, resources, and event offerings in Spanish, or translating current content into Spanish.