How To Search Wisdom Resources

Search our growing archive of curated Wisdom Resources by category, type, tag, author, series or source. Sort resource list the way you like, and set number of resources to display per page.

Here are some search tips:

  • Wisdom Resources uses a faceted search engine. It only searches Wisdom Resources, and not pages or blog posts. Use the search bar on the top menu to search pages and blog posts.
  • The default search page displays the ten most recent resources.
  • You can reset to newest resources by clicking the reset button.
  • The search displays the number of resources found, and includes a pager.
  • You can set the number of resources per page, or use the Load More button to display more resources in your search.
  • You can sort resources by title or date.
  • Try searching by multiple criteria. As you click on each criteria, the number of resources in each category is recalculated.
  • Try using the search bar for searching for any phrase or word in a resource.
  • Contact us if you would like some help in using the Wisdom Resource search engine.

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