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Rebuilding Trust: Video Teaching by Cynthia Bourgeault


Integral Light Shining in the Dark: Teaching by Cynthia Bourgeault

This material was recorded live at an in-person Advent retreat at Garrison Institute in December 2021. The course now before you consists of over 15 hours of audios from Cynthia’s teaching sessions, plus a short introductory overview of each session. It has been slightly edited for technical clarity but preserves both the content and the flavor of the remarkable original event.

Building Second Body

Building Second Body

The recordings provided here were filmed live at a small Wisdom gathering in Stonington Maine in June 2022. This new teaching series has been curated from a selection of those recorded sessions, offering a unique and practical set of instructions for developing the spiritual substances and conscious presence so needed in our world today.

The video teachings include over 7 hours of Cynthia’s eight teaching sessions, 4 audio recordings of inner task practices for building second body, and supplementary material referenced in the video teachings (books, chants, poetry, music, articles, and recorded zoom sessions).

Course Price: $95