From My Heart to Yours

Dear Wisdom Friends,

We are mailing and emailing this letter to those of you for whom we have contact information. If you’ve already read this and contributed, thank you so much. However, we also know that we don’t have accurate mailing details or email addresses for many of you. So at the risk of being redundant, I would like to address you directly, from my heart to yours.

Perhaps like me, you have been forever changed by hearing Wisdom’s voice as it has been articulated in Cynthia’s written or spoken word. Maybe like mine, your life has been dramatically changed by taking up this Wisdom path and its practices. And perhaps, also like me, you yourself have taken the first halting steps of attempting to articulate these principles and truths to those around you.

This is the progression of Wisdom’s birth—from hearing Wisdom, to integrating Wisdom into our lives through practice, and then to sharing Wisdom’s reality with others. While, thankfully, Cynthia is still actively leading and guiding, we know that the work is ours to pass on and amplify. Northeast Wisdom seeks to propagate and facilitate Wisdom’s voice through us. We are all midwives in this.

Working within this lineage, Northeast Wisdom is seeding, developing, and linking Wisdom communities throughout the world; encouraging the development and maturation of a new generation of Wisdom teachers; and proliferating the work of Wisdom in a world that so desperately needs it. Northeast Wisdom’s offerings in this past year have included teacher trainings; introductory, thematic, and video-based Wisdom Schools led by emerging teachers; numerous community-based Wisdom gatherings and practice circles; the 2018 Maine Ingathering; and the publication of Cynthia’s latest book Love is the Answer. What is the Question?

In the coming year, Northeast Wisdom will continue to create new avenues for Wisdom work and community; for example, we hope to create a video platform that will describe the development of Wisdom programs in various parts of the country to show others not only what is possible, but also how to create something similar in their own neck of the woods.

The Future of WisdomThese endeavors, however, require financial resources. While Northeast Wisdom was initially launched through the financial generosity of Helen Daly, that funding is now over, and we are on our own. I am asking for your generous financial support in order to assist in the work before us. This is one important way you can support the amplification of Cynthia’s Wisdom work.

In appreciation of gifts of $150 or more we would like to send you a copy of Bruno Barnhart’s The Future of Wisdom: Toward a Rebirth of Sapiential Christianity with a foreword by Cynthia—recently back in print thanks largely to the efforts of Northeast Wisdom’s Matthew Wright. In Cynthia’s words, “For the thirty years that I was privileged to call [Bruno] my friend and teacher, I knew full well that he was one of Christianity’s best kept and most cherished contemplative secrets. Now it is time for him to be more widely known, and this re-publication is a solid step in the right direction.” Join us as we read Bruno’s work in 2019 and share in reflection and discussion on our website!

To participate in our annual appeal, please follow this link to the top of our “Contribute” page, click on the yellow Donate button, or download the mail-in form.

Along with the rest of the Board, I thank you for your generosity, your work, and your being.


Bill Redfield

NEW Board
Northeast Wisdom Board Members


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