Year-End Reflection

candlesAs this year draws to a close, I am deeply aware of a pervasive sense of gratitude in my heart. I am thankful to have been exposed to Cynthia and the Wisdom teachings. I cannot tell you how profoundly she and these understandings have changed my life (and me!).

But I am no less grateful for the opportunity to serve this emergent Wisdom community in its work in the world. And I am thankful for your support as well—and especially all the generous year-end contributions that will amplify our Wisdom work.

Let us, then, in solidarity continue to stand shoulder to shoulder in our support of this work. Together, even in these challenging times, may we manifest the transforming Light that our world so desperately needs.

Blessings to all for an exciting New Year!

Bill Redfield

Bill Redfield
President, Northeast Wisdom Board of Directors




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